Attentive Heterogeneous Graph Embedding for Job Mobility Prediction

Job mobility prediction is an emerging research topic that can benefit both organizations and talents in various ways, such as job recommendation, talent recruitment, and career planning. Nevertheless, most existing studies only focus on modeling the individual-level career trajectories of talents, while the impact of macro-level job transition relationships (e.g., talent flow among companies and job positions) has been largely neglected. To this end, in this paper we propose an enhanced approach to job mobility prediction based on a heterogeneous company-position network constructed from the massive career trajectory data. Specifically, we design an Attentive heterogeneous graph embedding for sequential prediction (Ahead) framework to predict the next career move of talents, which contains two components, namely an attentive heterogeneous graph embedding (AHGN) model and a Dual-GRU model for career path mining. In particular, the AHGN model is used to learn the comprehensive representation for company and position on the heterogeneous network, in which two kinds of aggregators are employed to aggregate the information from external and internal neighbors for a node. Afterwards, a novel type-attention mechanism is designed to automatically fuse the information of the two aggregators for updating node representations. Moreover, the Dual-GRU model is devised to model the parallel sequences that appear in pair, which can be used to capture the sequential interactive information between companies and positions. Finally, we conduct extensive experiments on a real-world dataset for evaluating our Ahead framework. The experimental results clearly validate the effectiveness of our approach compared with the state-of-the-art baselines in terms of job mobility prediction.
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