A-MCTS: Adaptive Monte Carlo Tree Search for Temporal Path Discovery

An Attributed Dynamic Graph (ADG) contains multiple dynamic attributes associated with each edge in the graph, where people usually can specify multiple constraints in the attributes to illustrate their requirements, such as the total cost, the total travel time and the stopover interval of a flight between two cities. This inspires the Multi-Constrained Temporal Path (MCTP) discovery in ADGs, which is a challenging NP-Complete problem. The existing methods adopt Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) in MCTP discovery. However, they require a certain degree of discovery experience to obtain better results, which can lead to the expensive cost of query time and storage space, and thus are not applicable in real-time applications. This motivates us to develop a new Adaptive Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm (A-MCTS). A-MCTS dynamically adjusts the priority of historical records that are used in MCTS to improve the performance and reduce the size of required discovery experience. The experimental results on ten real-world dynamic graphs demonstrate that our proposed A-MCTS outperforms the state-of-the-art methods in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.
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