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Environment-strategy relationship and its performance implications: An empirical study of the
Authors: J justin Chan; Robert J Litschert
Year: 1994
Citations: 179
Journal: Strategic Management Journal
Sequential phosphine-catalyzed, nucleophilic thiol-ene/radical-mediated thiol-yne reactions and the facile orthogonal synthesis of polyfunctional materials.
Authors: Justin W Chan; Charles E Hoyle; Andrew B Lowe
Year: 2009
Citations: 135
Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Nucleophile-Initiated Thiol-Michael Reactions: Effect of Organocatalyst, Thiol, and Ene
Authors: Justin W Chan; Charles E Hoyle
Year: 2010
Citations: 106
Journal: Macromolecules
Clicking Polymer Brushes with Thiol-yne Chemistry: Indoors and Out
Authors: Ryan M Hensarling; Vanessa A Doughty; Justin W Chan; Derek L Patton
Year: 2009
Citations: 101
Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society
Photopolymerization of Thiol-Alkynes: Polysulfide Networks
Authors: Justin W Chan; Hui Zhou; Charles E Hoyle; Andrew B Lowe
Year: 2009
Citations: 53
Journal: Chemistry of Materials
The nucleophilic, phosphine-catalyzed thiol–ene click reaction and convergent star synthesis with RAFT-prepared homopolymers
Authors: Justin W Chan; Bing Yu; Charles E Hoyle; Andrew B Lowe
Year: 2009
Citations: 52
Journal: Polymer
Keyword: raft; time of flight mass spectrometry; chain transfer; catalytic reaction; molecular weight; matrix assisted laser desorption ionization; nmr spectroscopy; addition reaction; size exclusion chromatography; free radical polymerization; molecular weight distribution; reaction mechanism
Synthesis, Thiol-Yne "Click" Photopolymerization, and Physical Properties of Networks Derived from Novel Multifunctional Alkynes
Authors: Justin W Chan; Jungwhan Shin; Charles E Hoyle
Year: 2010
Citations: 45
Journal: Macromolecules
Keyword: physical properties
Vehicle routing at Quality Stores
Authors: Candace Arai Yano; Thomas justin Chan; Lori K Richter; Theodore Cutler; Katta G Murty; David Mcgettigan
Year: 1987
Citations: 44
Journal: Interfaces
Keyword: vehicle routing
A tale of two prices: Liquidity and asset prices in multiple markets
Authors: Justin S P Chan; Dong Hong; Marti G Subrahmanyam
Year: 2008
Citations: 36
Journal: Journal of Banking and Finance
Keyword: liquidity; liquidity premium; turnover; financial management; time series; asset pricing; weed control; cross section; financial market; security analysis
Thiol–yne ‘click’ chemistry as a route to functional lipid mimetics
Authors: Sandeep S Naik; Justin W Chan; Christopher M Comer; Charles E Hoyle; Daniel A Savin
Year: 2011
Citations: 27
Journal: Polymer Chemistry
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