Implications of a Novel Biopsy Downloading System on Prostate Cancer Detection Rate, Surveillance and Focal Therapy - A Prospective Study

Abstract Objective : To examine the SmartBx, a novel biopsy downloading system, allowing downloading of biopsy cores with maximal core preservation as prostate biopsy sampling lacks preservation of core configuration & orientation. Methods : We prospectively collected cores from TRUS biopsy patients. Half were collected using the SmartBx & half using standard downloading. We measured length of the first ∼3200 cores through various pathology steps and within core cancer length in 160 SmartBx cores. We compared core length, yield (% of core available for final analysis/ original core on needle) and cancer detection rate between SmartBx and standard cores. T-test or chi-square were used for analysis. Results : 6014 cores were collected from 429 patients. Core length (12.3mm vs. 10mm; P Conclusions : SmartBx results in significant higher core length, yield and cancer detection rate. Precise localization of within core tumor foci allows significant reduction in tumor volume.
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