Effects of sound fields on hydrodynamic and dry beneficiation of fine coal in a fluidized bed

Abstract The difficulty of forming a stable fluidized bed for fine coal (  120 Hz). Moreover, the simulation results indicate that the introduction of the sound field eliminates large bubbles at a high gas velocity, resulting in an expansion of the gas velocity range for the efficient density segregation process of fine coal. Finally, under appropriate operating conditions (f = 120 Hz, SPL = 120 dB, u = Umf), fine coal was separated in a sound-assisted fluidized bed, with probable error E values as low as 0.11 g/cm3, where the clean coal yield was 52.20% with an ash content of 23.28%; the yield of gangue products was 47.80% with an ash content of 47.80%, demonstrating the efficient beneficiation of fine coal in a sound-assisted fluidized bed.
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