Bioinformatics Analysis of the Auxin Response Factor Gene Family in Prunus persica

Auxin plays an important role in various aspects of plant growth and development. Auxin response factors (ARFs) are plant-specific transcription factors that regulate the expression of auxin-responsive genes by binding with auxin response elements (AuxinREs) in the promoter region of such genes. In this study, a genome-wide analysis of the ARF genes in Prunus persica was carried out using the latest updated genomics data of this plant. A total of 17 ARF genes were identified and were named PpARF1 to PpARF17. A comprehensive overview of these PpARFs was undertaken, including a phylogenetic analysis and analysis of gene structures, conserved motifs and domains, chromosome location, cis-elements in the promoter region, and gene expression patterns. The 17 PpARF genes were distributed over eight chromosomes. All identified PpARF proteins had an ARF domain and a typical B3-DNA-binding domain that consisted of two α-helixes and seven β-sheets. Some of the PpARF proteins also had an Aux/IAA domain. Phylogenetic ...
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