Prediction of Target-Drug Therapy by Identifying Gene Mutations in Lung Cancer With Histopathological Stained Image and Deep Learning Techniques

Lung cancer is a kind of cancer with high morbidity and mortality which is associated with various gene mutations. Individualized targeted-drug therapy has become the optimized treatment of lung cancer, especially benefit for patients who are not qualified for lung lobectomy. It is crucial to accurately identify mutant genes within tumor region from stained pathological slice. Therefore, we mainly focus on identifying mutant gene of lung cancer by analyzing the pathological images. In this study, we have proposed a method by identifying gene mutations in lung cancer with histopathological stained image and deep learning to predict target-drug therapy, referred to as DeepIMLH. The DeepIMLH algorithm first downloaded 180 hematoxylin-eosin staining (H&E) images of lung cancer from the Cancer Gene Atlas (TCGA). Then deep convolution Gaussian mixture model (DCGMM) was used to perform color normalization. Convolutional neural network (CNN) and residual network (Res-Net) were used to identifying mutated gene from H&E stained imaging and achieved good accuracy. It demonstrated that our method can be used to choose targeted-drug therapy which might be applied to clinical practice. More studies should be conducted though.
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